Welcome To Foxy Vixen Pix!

Hello, Everyone! Welcome To My Very First Post On Foxy Vixen Pix!


Welcome To Foxy Vixen Pix

I have a lot of hobbies.

Writing is one of them, but I also love to take pictures. I take a lot of selfies, but I try to do them in ways that are unique and different from the rest.

Selfie was taken specifically for one of my campaigns on self-love

So, I decided to make a different category for all my many hobbies on this amazing site.


This particular one is for my original photography as well as the art I enjoy looking at.

I really love fantasy art, but this will be kept in a separate category/folder

So, sit back and enjoy the ride because a lot of my pix were taken as a passenger on a car ride!


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I am also a guest blogger. My pen name is @allurasybilbrites aka MoveOverOptimist or Carrie Pottberg




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