Limon Museum

Raise Your Hand if You Have Ever Heard of Limon, CO?


limon,coNot many people have, so don’t feel bad if you asked yourself if the small town was even in Colorado. However, the natives of this town will tell you that there might be a few job opportunities in the business part of town due to the travelers and truckers passing through on the interstate.

While not exactly an ideal “Best Vacation Spots in CO For Families Pix”, the Limon Museum was fun the first time around, especially for my kids. But you don’t have to take my word for it. You can see for yourself by the pix I took shown below. ENJOY!


2015-06-29 17.26.55
My boys posing for me next to the museum sign
2015-06-29 19.05.37
Hello, Chiefs!
2015-06-29 19.08.14
The boys on the inside of the tepee
2015-06-29 19.10.43
The funny sign on the back of the train
2015-06-29 19.14.38
All Aboard!
2015-06-29 19.20.19
Climbing into the conductor’s seat
2015-06-29 19.22.38
My youngest in the conductor’s seat
2015-06-29 19.23.48
My oldest in the conductor’s seat
2015-06-29 19.29.08
“Mom, why does he have to be so weird?”
2015-06-29 19.32.05
One of the train displays
2015-06-29 19.34.08
Today’s Menu…
2015-06-29 19.36.24
“What can I get for you?”
2015-06-29 19.38.46
Old Fashioned Train Bathroom
2015-06-29 19.40.01
Pretending to Take a Dump (my crazy camera ham)
2015-06-29 19.41.48
To be, or not to be, that is the question…
2015-06-29 19.45.13
“Can I take your order?”
2015-06-29 19.46.08
“Service Please!”
2015-06-29 19.49.41
Another part of the train
2015-06-29 19.52.05
Old-Fashioned Phone Booth
2015-06-29 19.57.42
Just Chillin’
2015-06-29 20.01.01
Old Limon School House
2015-06-29 20.07.11
Playing Teacher
2015-06-29 20.10.10
“Today class…”
A view of the entire school room
“What is today’s Lesson?”
Student Punishments (kinda blurry because of the lighting and the lamination)


Teacher’s Rules in the Olden Days…can we say controlling?


So, there you have it, folks! Even a boring, small town can have its perks for family fun.

It may be a place that fills the void when you are passing through town, but it is worth it to see if you are stuck in a rut for things to do and you can’t leave.

Copyright © 2015-2017 [Carrie Pottberg]. All Rights Reserved.






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